【Grammar-vol.75】こんな/そんな/あんな What is that!?

こんにちは!! ユーキでっす!!( ・∇・) 元気ですかー?xD I am super genki!!xD Today’s grammar is how to use “こんな/そんな/あんな/どんな” ! What’s that?XD haha These are pretty important so let’s check one by one o(`ω´ )o オーケー!xD Did you get what I mean? x3 I hope I could help you some!! This is kind of difficult thing so let’s see more sentences with quiz!!( ・∇・) Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o 頑張って!!


【Grammar-vol.73】It’s depend on situation! how to say “could you” in Japanese.

こんにちは!! ユーキです!!( *`ω´) 今日も、日本語勉強頑張っていきましょー!xD Today is how to say “could you” in Japanese!!( ・∇・) There are many way of saying that form and that is depend on the situation so let’s see one by one!! Let’s GO.o(`ω´ )o お疲れ様です!!!! You remembered a lot of forms today! This is JLPT N4 level but actually this is hard to use in real life.haha You need to pay attention which form is the best to the person who you talk to. If it is too polite, that sound strange but if it is not polite, that is rude… So hard xD haha Now, let’s try some quizzes to refresh xD haha 行ってらっしゃい!^^


【Grammar-vol.68】いま電話中!(I am on the phone)

こんにちは! ユーキです!!o(`ω´ )o It is still hot in Japan even though it is already in autumn…( ;∀;) Let’s fight to this heat and study Japanese!!XD Today’s topic is how to use “〜中” in Japanese. Let’s check it out!!(*゚∀゚*) Okayyyy!! We checked some 〜中 sentences though how was it?:3  I hope you understood but if not, let’s check some quizzes and understand deeper!XD Let’s keep going until you get full mark score!! Then…Let’s GO!! 頑張って!!!!o(`ω´ )o


【Grammar-vol.67】How to use とき in Japanese

こんにちは! ユーキです!!( ・∇・) 今日も日本語勉強していますかー?XD Do you also study Japanese today? Today, let’s study about how to use ”とき” in Japanese!!o(`ω´ )o The last two days, we have studied ところ and 間. とき is a little bit similar to them so let’s remember all together!!xD いってみよう!( ´∀`) Okayyyy!! There are more way of using ときに but this is pretty good enough to pass N4 level B) Let’s try some quizzes and make sure how to use it!!(*゚∀゚*) Then…Let’s GO!! 頑張って!!!!o(`ω´ )o


【Grammar-vol.66】How to use “間に” in Japanese

こんにちは! 日本語教師のユーキです!!o(`ω´ )o 今日もガッツリ勉強していきましょう!!xD Let’s also study a lot today!! じゃー見てみよう!(*゚∀゚*) Okayyyy!!xD Now you know how to use “during noun” and “while Ving” in Japanese.(*゚∀゚*) Your Japanese level is getting higher♪ haha xD Keep studying everyday even for 10min and if you could keep doing that, your Japanese level is getting better and better!!x) 頑張ろう!! It’s time for quiz now!!B) Let’sGO!!!!!o(`ω´ )o


【Grammar-vol.65】How to use “ところ” in Japanese.

こんにちは!! 久しぶり!!o(`ω´ )o (long time no see) I just came back from Australia today!!xD  長い間待たせてごめんなさい!x3 (I am sorry for making you wait for long.) 今日から、また毎日、日本語の勉強頑張りましょう!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Today’s lesson is how to use ”ところ” ( ・∇・) There are some ways of using that grammar so let’s check one by one!! 見てみよう!(*゚∀゚*) Okay!!!!o(`ω´ )o This time we studied three types of using ところ!! These are pretty important so let’s remember and keep using them!!( ´∀`) You can post on tweeter using that form too!! hehe Now, it is quiz time!!o(`ω´ )o Let’s challenge!! 久しぶりのクイズ頑張って!!xD


【GOIKING-vol.4】Let’s show your feeling in Japanese!!

こんにちは! ユーキです!!(*゚∀゚*) 今日は、語彙(ごい:vocabulary) です!! GOIKING!!XD Yay haha Grammar is very important but also vocabulary as well! Don’t forget to study GOI please(´∀`) Okay so let’s check today’s vocabulary!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Here we GO!!( ̄∀ ̄) Okay!!xD That is a lot!!haha But if you could say all of these, that means you can show any of your feeling in Japanese!! Nice Nice~xD haha Let’s remember from your favorite and use a lot to your Japanese friends!! hehe 頑張って覚えよう!!xD (Do your best and let’s remember!!) Now, it is quiz time~(´∀`) Read carefully ~ ♪ I made some tricky one maybe~ haha 頑張って!!^^


【Kanji GYM-vol.15】How to read this Kanji?

こんにちは! ユーキです!( ・∇・) Today is Kanji GYM day!! o(`ω´ )o Did you practiced Kanji recently? B) Let’s keep studying Kanji and be able to read as much as native speaker do!!xD Ganbaroooooo!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Okay!!o(`ω´ )o Did you get Kanji muscle?B)  Let’s train everyday and be Kanji body builder!!XD Now, it is time for Kanji quiz!!(*゚∀゚*) Let’s GO!!(*゚∀゚*) 頑張って!xD


【Grammar-vol.64】The difference between か and とか

こんにちは!! ユーキです!!( ・∇・) Today we will study about “か” and “とか”(*゚∀゚*) These meaning seems same but little bit different!! I have heard that many Japanese learner get confused this part so let’s check it carefully!!( ´∀`) Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o Okay!!XD Finiiiiish!!XD hehe か and とか might be little bit complicated so let’s sort out your thought!! Now, It’s time for quiz!!o(`ω´ )o You don’t need to feel bad even if you make some mistake!! To challenge is more important!! x) Let’s GO!!!! 頑張って!!( ゚д゚)


【Grammar-vol.63】”N1はN2ほど〜ない” How to use that?

こんにちは! ユーキです!!o(`ω´ )o Today, let’s get back to JLPT N4 level and study about grammar!!( ・∇・) But today is little bit complicated one!!(*゚∀゚*) Don’t worry! You will be able to use it after this lesson( ´∀`) haha Let’s GO!! Okay okay~!XD Let’s finiiiish x) How did it go?:D Was it ok…?( ・∇・) If you weren’t, let’s check by doing some more quizzes!!!!o(`ω´ )o I never make you have a break! haha Let’s GO!!!!o(`ω´ )o