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【Grammar-vol.55】Polite Japanese make you look cool!!

こんにちは! ユーキです!!(*゚∀゚*) Today, I got request to write about how to make polite sentence!! Thank you very much for the request m(___)m 👈Polite point!!xD But if you follow N1 level text book, it is too formal and hard for the beginner so let’s make simple and polite Japanese!!( ・∇・) Shall we go?♪ Okay !!xD Now you became super polite Japanese speaker so you can talk to anyone!! Don’t be afraid, ok?B) Before you will talk to older person politely, let’s do some quizzes!XD Let’s GO!!m(___)m 参りましょうlol


【Kanji GYM-vol.12】How to read this Kanji ?

こんにちは! ユーキです!( ・∇・) 今日は、Kanji GYM!!xD 久しぶり!!xD haha (Long time no see!) 最近、漢字を全然勉強してなかったけど、みんなはちゃんとしていましたか?( ・∇・) (We haven’t done Kanji study for a while though did you guys study well?) Let’s study!!o(`ω´ )o Okay!! Let’s remember by writing and reading and using!( ・∇・) I will introduce you useful kanji and word as much as possible ! So follow me!!XD  haha Anyway now it’s time to start quiz!!o(`ω´ )o Let’s GO!!(*゚∀゚*) 頑張って!