【Grammar-vol.59】There are 5 meaning of で in Japanese

こんにちは!! ユーキですっ!!^^ 今日は”で”の使い方について勉強しよう!!xD Today let’s study about how to use で. There are 5 types of meanings of で so let’s see one by one( ・∇・) Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o Okay!!!!xD Now your brain is fully tired right? haha So let’s refresh by doing some quiz~( ´∀`) Once you could get full mark score, you will be で master!! xD Let’s GO!!!!o(`ω´ )o 頑張って!


【Grammar-vol.36】How to use で part3.

こんにちは! 今回もまたでについてです!xD There are many way of using で, but this is the last part for now xD I will write advanced ver in the future~ B) で is pretty important to speak Japanese like as native Japanese so keep following me o(`ω´ )o This time is how to say “be made of ” with で . Let’s have a look at the Today’s Topic! x) Finish!xD 大丈夫ですか?B) (Are you ok?) If you are ready, let’s have a try quiz!! If not, still try quiz!!!!!  Let’s start quiz asap!!!!o(`ω´ )o GOOOOO!!XD 行ってらっしゃい!^^