【Grammar-vol.64】The difference between か and とか

こんにちは!! ユーキです!!( ・∇・) Today we will study about “か” and “とか”(*゚∀゚*) These meaning seems same but little bit different!! I have heard that many Japanese learner get confused this part so let’s check it carefully!!( ´∀`) Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o Okay!!XD Finiiiiish!!XD hehe か and とか might be little bit complicated so let’s sort out your thought!! Now, It’s time for quiz!!o(`ω´ )o You don’t need to feel bad even if you make some mistake!! To challenge is more important!! x) Let’s GO!!!! 頑張って!!( ゚д゚)


【Grammar-vol.63】”N1はN2ほど〜ない” How to use that?

こんにちは! ユーキです!!o(`ω´ )o Today, let’s get back to JLPT N4 level and study about grammar!!( ・∇・) But today is little bit complicated one!!(*゚∀゚*) Don’t worry! You will be able to use it after this lesson( ´∀`) haha Let’s GO!! Okay okay~!XD Let’s finiiiish x) How did it go?:D Was it ok…?( ・∇・) If you weren’t, let’s check by doing some more quizzes!!!!o(`ω´ )o I never make you have a break! haha Let’s GO!!!!o(`ω´ )o


【Grammar-vol.62】How to use らしい in Japanese

こんにちは!! ユーキです!!(*゚∀゚*) This time is about what does らしい mean ( ・∇・) It is little bit similar to “みたい” so, let’s check みたい too before you read this!!( ´∀`) 【How to use みたい(like a ~) 】 http://www.yuukisensei.com/2019/08/16/grammar-vol-61/ Did you come back here?B) haha Ok now, let’s see らしい with some sentences! GO!!XD Finiiiiish!! ٩( ‘ω’ )و Haha How did it go?xD Didn’t you get confused with みたい?  I made some tricky quizzes hehe If you could clear this quiz, you are the master of みたい and らしい!XD haha Let’s challenge!!!!o(`ω´ )o 頑張って^^


【Grammar-vol.61】How to use みたい in Japanese

こんにちは!! ユーキです!!o(`ω´ )o Today is about how to use みたい!!( ・∇・) It is very important and everyone use it everyday!! hahaXD Let’s check how to use it and try to use it!! x) GO!!XD Finiiiiish!! hehe Now you understand some I guess !! B) Buuuut still don’t get satisfied haha Let’s make sure if you could understand completely by doing quiz!!٩( ‘ω’ )و Ganbatteee!!XD 


【Grammar-vol.60】There are 2 meanings of も in Japanese

こんにちは!! ユーキでっす!!( ・∇・) お久しぶり!( ゚д゚) Ohisashiburi (Long time no see) I was on a trip so I couldn’t post for few days! So from today, let’s write a lot!! xD haha Today is about “も” xD haha Just one letter but still very important letter! Let’s see how to use it!! x) Okay! Now you saw 2 types of meaning of も!xD It is important isn’t it?x)) hehe Let’s try to use も before you forget!!(*゚∀゚*) Be master of も!o(`ω´ )o クイズチャレンジしてください!!xD 頑張って!!


【Reading-vol.3】Let’s challenge to read Japanese Email!!

こんにちは! ユーキです!!( ・∇・) Today is reading!!( ゚д゚) It’s been a while to write about reading!!xD Sorry if you were waiting!!m(___)m The topic is about “Email”.  This topic is very typical topic for JLPT but also you definitely need for daily life in Japan! So let’s challenge following E-mail quiz and build up your Japanese skill B) 頑張って!!^^ Did you read all ?B) Read carefully ok?XD Whenever you are ready to answer to my quiz, let’s go!!!XD 頑張って!!xD


【Kanji GYM-vol.14】How to read this Kanji?

こんにちは! ユーキです!( ・∇・) Today is Kanji GYM!! YAY xD haha Kanji is pretty important to live in Japan comfortably so let’s keep learning!! x) Okay!! This time, there are not many vocabularies!!( ・∇・) So it might be easier than usual but still make sure to remember them!! B) Now it’s time to start quiz!!o(`ω´ )o I made some difficult one too so please be careful!!xD Let’s GO!!(*゚∀゚*) 頑張って!


【Grammar-vol.59】There are 5 meaning of で in Japanese

こんにちは!! ユーキですっ!!^^ 今日は”で”の使い方について勉強しよう!!xD Today let’s study about how to use で. There are 5 types of meanings of で so let’s see one by one( ・∇・) Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o Okay!!!!xD Now your brain is fully tired right? haha So let’s refresh by doing some quiz~( ´∀`) Once you could get full mark score, you will be で master!! xD Let’s GO!!!!o(`ω´ )o 頑張って!


【Grammar-vol.58】If sentence in Japanese Part.2

こんにちは!! ユーキです!!(*゚∀゚*) Today is the “If sentence in Japanese Part.2″( ・∇・) There are many way of saying this kind of form so let’s remember some of the important one!! Let’s have a check!!xD 行ってみよう!٩( ‘ω’ )و Okay!! You got another way of saying “if sentence” B) Cool cool!! B) Let’s solve some quizzes now (●´ω`●) I made little bit complicated this time~(*゚∀゚*) 頑張って!!!!xD


【Grammar-vol.56】How to make long Japanese sentence.

こんにちは! ユーキでっす!!(*゚∀゚*) 今回は、日本語で長い文を作る練習をしましょう!!!xD  This time, let’s practice to make loooong Japanese sentence. YAY( ´∀`) To make long sentence, you need to use a lot of ”て、に、を、は” which is called 助詞(postpositional particle). It is hard word so let’s get used to it by checking some example sentences and do quiz!!( ´∀`) Okay!!xD Is it so long sentence??B) If you know how does each 助詞(postpositional particle) work, you will get used to read and make such long sentence^^ Now it is quiz time~♪ Let’s GO!!!!٩( ‘ω’ )و 頑張って!


【Grammar-vol.55】Polite Japanese make you look cool!!

こんにちは! ユーキです!!(*゚∀゚*) Today, I got request to write about how to make polite sentence!! Thank you very much for the request m(___)m 👈Polite point!!xD But if you follow N1 level text book, it is too formal and hard for the beginner so let’s make simple and polite Japanese!!( ・∇・) Shall we go?♪ Okay !!xD Now you became super polite Japanese speaker so you can talk to anyone!! Don’t be afraid, ok?B) Before you will talk to older person politely, let’s do some quizzes!XD Let’s GO!!m(___)m 参りましょうlol