【Grammar-vol.76】〜という/〜っていう/どういう What is the difference!?

ユーキです!!o(`ω´ )o

I thought it’s getting colder but still it’s 28 degrees in Tokyo. (´ε` )
Still hot ! haha

Anyway, today’s topic is what is the difference between “〜という”, “〜っていう” and “どういう” .

I don’t often hear these words from foreigner but Japanese people often use it and it’s very useful so let’s master of using them and talk like native Japanese!!xD hehe

Today's Topic
How to use “〜という/〜っていう/どういう”.

●〜という+N/〜っていう+N:N+called ~


僕は横浜というところに住んでいます!( ・∇・)
I live in a place that is called Yokohama.

Yokohama is the name you may not know so I said “横浜という” (called Yokohama).
“ところ” means “place”.^_^

Is it true that the tomorrow’s meeting was changed to 9am?

*〜っていう/〜という話は本当?:Is it true that ~ 
“〜という” and “〜っていう” means same but “〜っていう” is more casual!!

●どういう+N:What is/do ~ ?/How is/do ~
This is useful when you want to ask more in detail!
What do you mean?/What does it mean?


How’s Hokkaido like?


I visited once and it was so cold in winter, food is so delicious especially fish is amazing!
Not busy place compare to Tokyo. It was good!!^^

Yay!! Finishhhh!!xD
Now you know how to use it so let’s use them a lot to everyone!!xD haha
Talk talk talk!!
Also I give you some quizzes so please give it a try!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


【Grammar-vol.76】〜という/〜っていう/どういう クイズ!