【Grammar-vol.73】It’s depend on situation! how to say “could you” in Japanese.

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Today is how to say “could you” in Japanese!!( ・∇・)
There are many way of saying that form and that is depend on the situation so let’s see one by one!!

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Today's Topic
How to say “could you~” in Japanese

politness level normal more polite  
level.1 〜して    
level.2 〜してくれる? 〜してくれない?  
level.3 〜してもらえる? 〜してもらえない?  
level.4 〜してくれますか? 〜してくれませんか?  
level.5 〜してください 〜してくださらない?
(no one use now)
level.6 〜してもらえますか? 〜してもらえませんか?  
level.7 〜してくださいますか? 〜してくださいませんか?  
level.8 〜していただけますか? 〜していただけませんか?  


This express is like “Do ~ “.
You can use to your family or your friend. not anyone else.

This express is like “Can you do ~?”
This form, you can use if you use to younger person.
And also level.1 range too.

This express is also “Can you do ~?”
Just a little bit more polite than Level.2 express but almost same.

This express is “Can you do ~ please”?
This is more polite than level.3. 
You can use to older person too. But not your client or someone more greater person.
You can use to your friendly coworker and boss too.

This express is like “Please do ~.”
This is actually little bit different to all the other form but still polite.
We don’t use ~してくださいませんか now. It is old form.

This express is like “could you do ~?”.
In this level, you can use to anyone who you respect, boss, older person etc.
Level.8 form is the best to use but if you feel close to the person you can use level.6,7 too. 

You remembered a lot of forms today!
This is JLPT N4 level but actually this is hard to use in real life.haha
You need to pay attention which form is the best to the person who you talk to.
If it is too polite, that sound strange but if it is not polite, that is rude…
So hard xD haha

Now, let’s try some quizzes to refresh xD haha

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