【Grammar-vol.69】How to say “better to ~” in Japanese


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Today’s topic is how to say “better to 〜” in Japanese.
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Today's Topic
How to say “better to 〜” in Japanese.

●Verb(past)方がいい (読み方:ほうがいい)
This means “It’s better to Verb”.

It’s better to eat a lot of vegetable.

I am meat lover though I gotta listen to you and eat more vegetable ,Yuki!!
I can hear a lot of such voice haha XD

明日は朝の6時に出発だから、早く寝た方がいいよ!( ´∀`)
It’s better to sleep early because we will leave at 6 in a morning tomorrow.

I always stay up late and cannot wake up that early…LOL
Let’s sleep early and wake up early! Gotta be healthy!o(`ω´ )o


This means “better not to Verb”.

食べ過ぎない方がいいよ〜♪(´ε` )
It’s better not to eat too much.

*食べ過ぎ(たべすぎ):eating too much

I always eat big bowl of ramen…and then get stomach ache cause eating too much…LOL
I gotta stop it.( ;∀;)

タバコは吸わない方が体にいいですよ〜( ´∀`)

It’s better for your health not to smoke.


I don’t smoke!! I am the healthy boy!!XD hehe

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