【Grammar-vol.68】いま電話中!(I am on the phone)


ユーキです!!o(`ω´ )o
It is still hot in Japan even though it is already in autumn…( ;∀;)
Let’s fight to this heat and study Japanese!!XD

Today’s topic is how to use “〜中” in Japanese.
Let’s check it out!!(*゚∀゚*)

Today's Topic
How to use “〜中” in Japanese.

●Noun + 中
This express that an action is continuing.

Like during something.
“Noun+中” is still a noun. 

Yuki is studying English now.

This sentence has two meaning.
One is that as I wrote. “Yuki is studying English at moment.”
But the other one is, I started learning English recently and keep studying, you can say that too!!

仕事中は、携帯電話の電源は切りましょう。( ´∀`)
Let’s turn off your mobile during work.

That is kinda strict office o(`ω´ )o haha

*仕事中(しごとちゅう):during work
*携帯電話(けいたいでんわ):mobile phone
*電源を切る(でんげんをきる):turn off a power

ゲーム中に話しかけないで!o(`ω´ )o
Don’t talk to me when I am playing video game!

That is so scary…LOL
Calm down calm down…haha

We checked some 〜中 sentences though how was it?:3 
I hope you understood but if not, let’s check some quizzes and understand deeper!XD

Let’s keep going until you get full mark score!!
Then…Let’s GO!!
頑張って!!!!o(`ω´ )o

【Grammar-vol.68】Quiz "How to use〜中" in Japaneseo(`ω´ )o