【Grammar-vol.67】How to use とき in Japanese

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Do you also study Japanese today?

Today, let’s study about how to use ”とき” in Japanese!!o(`ω´ )o
The last two days, we have studied ところ and 間.

とき is a little bit similar to them so let’s remember all together!!xD
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Today's Topic
How to use とき in Japanese.

●Verb(present) + とき(に) + Verb(present)

I watch tv when I eat something food.

*ご飯(ごはん):rice, food
I love doing that!!XD haha

私の友達は運転するときいつも眼鏡をかけています。( ´∀`)
My friend always wears glasses when he drives.

*眼鏡をかける(めがねをかける):wear glasses

●Verb(past) + ときに + Verb(present)

*Before doing Verb1, doing Verb2
日本に行ったときにたくさんお土産を買う予定です(´ε` )
When I went to Japan, I would buy a lot of souvenirs.
(That means, that person still have not gone to Japan yet.)
*予定(よてい):plan, schedule

Let’s be crazy and buy a lot!! o(`ω´ )o haha

I will tell you my secret when I see you next time.

*僕(ぼく):I (for man)
*教える(おしえる):teach/ tell something useful thing

What is that sentence!!LOL haha

There are more way of using ときに but this is pretty good enough to pass N4 level B)

Let’s try some quizzes and make sure how to use it!!(*゚∀゚*)

Then…Let’s GO!!
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【Grammar-vol.67】Let's master とき(に) !!