【GOIKING-vol.4】Let’s show your feeling in Japanese!!


今日は、語彙(ごい:vocabulary) です!!
GOIKING!!XD Yay haha

Grammar is very important but also vocabulary as well!
Don’t forget to study GOI please(´∀`)

Okay so let’s check today’s vocabulary!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Here we GO!!( ̄∀ ̄)

  • 気持ち(きもち):feeling
  • 嬉しい(うれしい):happy
  • 楽しい(たのしい):fun
  • 悲しい(かなしい):sad
  • 寂しい(さびしい):lonely
  • つまらない:boring
  • 恥ずかしい(はずかしい):feel ashamed of
  • 気持ち悪い(きもちわるい):feel sick/disgusting
  • 仕方がない(しかたがない):cannot help
  • 残念な(ざんねんな):regrettable,
  • 嫌な(いやな):displeasing, disgusting
  • がっかりする:be disappointed
  • 心配する(しんぱいする):worry
  • 安心する(あんしんする):be relieved
  • びっくりする:be surprised
  • 驚く(おどろく):be surprised

That is a lot!!haha
But if you could say all of these, that means you can show any of your feeling in Japanese!!

Nice Nice~xD haha

Let’s remember from your favorite and use a lot to your Japanese friends!! hehe

(Do your best and let’s remember!!)

Now, it is quiz time~(´∀`)

Read carefully ~ ♪
I made some tricky one maybe~ haha


【GOIKING-vol.4】Japanese Feeling Quiz !!