【Grammar-vol.64】The difference between か and とか

ユーキです!!( ・∇・)

Today we will study about “か” and “とか”(*゚∀゚*)
These meaning seems same but little bit different!!

I have heard that many Japanese learner get confused this part so let’s check it carefully!!( ´∀`)

Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o

Today's Topic
N1 or N2 (or)…
This is exactly same meaning of “or”. ( ゚д゚)
AかB means exactly A or B. Two choices!

This means also “or” but also it imply another choice.
AとかB means like A or B or…

udon ka soba docchi tabetai?
Which do you want to eat Udon or Soba?

That is only two choices!!
That is why “か” x)
I would say うどん!xD

Rainen wa Thai ka Filipin ni ikitaidesu
I want to go to Thailand or Philippines.

I wanna travel around Asia!!XD 
I love traveling overseas x) hehe

今日何食べたい?( ゚д゚)
kyou nani tabetai?
What do you want to eat today?

pasta toka ramen toka nanka menrui ga tabetaina.

I want to eat Pasta or Ramen or something noodle.


This means the person want to eat something noodle like pasta or ramen but, if it is noodle, it doesn’t need to be pasta or ramen! Not two choice! more choices!

Finiiiiish!!XD hehe

か and とか might be little bit complicated so let’s sort out your thought!!
Now, It’s time for quiz!!o(`ω´ )o

You don’t need to feel bad even if you make some mistake!!
To challenge is more important!! x)

Let’s GO!!!!
頑張って!!( ゚д゚)

Let's be the master of か&とか!