【Grammar-vol.63】”N1はN2ほど〜ない” How to use that?

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Today's Topic
N1 is not as 〜 as N2 in Japanese


Kyoto no yachin wa Tokyo no yachin hodo takakunai
Kyoto’s rent is as not expensive as Tokyo’s.


Tokyo is super expensive!!XD
If you live yourself in small one room apartment, it still cost around 70000yen.
I escaped from Tokyo!!XD haha

僕も忙しいけど、みんなほどじゃありません(´ε` )
boku mo isogashii kedo minna hodo ja arimasen
I am not as busy as everyone is.

That means like “I am also busy but everyone is more busy”.


That means everyone is more busier!!

ラーメンも美味しいけど、お寿司ほどじゃない!( ゚д゚)
Ramen mo oishii kedo, osushi hodo janai.

Rame is not as delicious as Sushi./Ramen is also delicious but sushi is more delicious.


Actually I love both of them sooo much so I cannot decide which one is more yummy!!XD

僕もたくさん食べたけど、ユーキほどじゃない( ´∀`)
boku mo takusan tabetakedo, Yuki hodo janai
I didn’t eat as much as Yuki did./I ate a lot but Yuki ate much more.

I am the champion!!XD haha
I wanna eat Ramen and Sushi!! Everyday Lol

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