【Grammar-vol.60】There are 2 meanings of も in Japanese

ユーキでっす!!( ・∇・)

お久しぶり!( ゚д゚)
(Long time no see)

I was on a trip so I couldn’t post for few days!

So from today, let’s write a lot!! xD haha

Today is about “も” xD haha
Just one letter but still very important letter!

Let’s see how to use it!! x)

Today's Topic
There are 2 meanings of も.

1.This express that something is plentiful.
eki kara ie made aruite sanjuppun mo kakarimasu
It takes 30 minutes by walking from the station to home.

If it is around 10-15min, it is not that far so you don’t need to say “も” but 30 minutes is far from station so let’s  use も!!(*゚∀゚*)

テキーラを5杯も飲みました!( ;∀;)
teki-ra wo gohai mo nomimashita
I had 5 shots of tequila. 

I would die if I do that!! Lol

2.In a negative sentence, this express that something is scarce or there is none at all.
kyou wa jippun mo benkyou shimasen deshita
I didn’t even study for 10 minutes.

Then let’s study now!!XD haha

私はプレゼントを1個ももらっていません( >_<)
Watashi wa purezento wo ikko mo moratteimasen
I didn’t even get a present.

mmm sad!! haha

Now you saw 2 types of meaning of も!xD
It is important isn’t it?x)) hehe

Let’s try to use も before you forget!!(*゚∀゚*)
Be master of も!o(`ω´ )o


Let's be master of も!