【Grammar-vol.57】If sentence in Japanese Part.1

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Today is how to make “if sentence” in Japanese!!٩( ‘ω’ )و
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Today's Topic
How to make “if sentence” in Japanese”.

If A were B/ If A is B

The grammar point is no matter the thing is happening in the past or current,
you need to make the verb “past tense +ら” .
It is difficult to understand without sentence, so let’s check some following sentences! 

moshi atsukattara eakon tsukete iiyo
If it is hot, you can turn on AC.

暑かった(あつかった) means “it was hot”. This is past tense.
So if you want to make it “If it was hot, or if it is hot,” you can say “暑かった+ら”.

ご飯を食べたら、お皿を洗ってください。( ・∇・)
Gohan wo tabetara, osara wo aratte kudasai
If you eat, please wash the dishes.

dish, plate

Past tense of 食べる is 食べた, so if you want to make it “if sentence” you can say,

日本に行ったら何がしたい?( ´∀`)
Nihon ni ittara naniga shitai?
If you go to Japan, what do you want to do?

ashita amega huranakattara dokoni ikitai?
If it were not rainy tomorrow, where do you want to go?

You can also make it negative form too!!(*゚∀゚*)

it is raining 

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