【Grammar-vol.53】Nothing has not changed!? The way of using まま



Today, let’s study about まま !!( ´∀`)
I guess you know まま means mum in Japanese x)
But there is another meaning of まま!xD
Let’s check what it is !! 

Today's Topic
How to use 〜まま
●past tense + まま
●noun + のまま
●adjective + まま 
This means that something happens as yet another condition remains unchanged.

私は昨日スーツを着たまま寝た。( ;∀;)
Watashi wa kinou su-tsu wo kitamama neta
I slept while I was wearing suit.

昨日 きのう yesterday
着る きる wear
寝る ねる sleep

着た is the past tense of 着る.
So 着たまま means while I was wearing ~.(´∀`*)

 Igusuri wo nondakedo, onakawa mada itaimamadesu
Even though I took a stomach medicine, my stomach is still in pain.

胃薬 いぐすり stomach medicine
飲む のむ drink, take(tablet)
お腹 おなか stomach, tummy 
痛い いたい pain

痛い is adjective so if you want to say, the pain is still there, you can say

この町は昔のままです。何も変わっていません。(´ε` )
Kono machi wa mukashi no mama desu. nanimo kawatteimasen
This town is as it was. Nothing has been changed.

まち town
むかし long time ago
変わる かわる change

昔 is noun so let’s say 昔のまま when you want to say “as it was”( ・∇・)


That is little bit confusing but if you could recognize which is verb and which is noun, adjective it won’t be that hard B)

Actually, most of the time is “past tense+verb” so if it is hard to remember all of them, let’s remember that one first !!( ・∇・)

So now it is Quiz Time!!xD
Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o


nothing hasn't changed!? ままクイズ!