【Grammar-vol.48】Passive form in Japanese Part4



Finally this time is the last lesson for passive form!!
Today is u-verb!!o(`ω´ )o

If you have not checked the last passive form, let’s check it out first!!(*゚∀゚*)

Before we go for the last passive form lesson, let’s review following video if you have not checked it yet!( ・∇・)

It will help you to learn what kind of verb exist in “u-verb”.( *`ω´)
And that is very important when you want to make passive tense too!!

Let’s study passive form for “u-verb” this time!!o(`ω´ )o

Today's Topic
Passive form for “u-verb”.

Noun+に+Noun+を+Verb(passive form)
●Noun+を+Noun+に+Verb(passive form)

●Present passive:Last “u”➡︎”areru”
●Past passive:Last “u”➡︎”areta” 
*There are some exceptional so let’s learn them later~♪

There are 4 types of u-verb.
So let’s check how to change the form each verb(*゚∀゚*)

Yuki-san ni namae wo kikareta
I was asked my name by Yuki.

聞く   聞かれた

書く 書かれた

Let’s remember each form little by little:)

友達に、ジュースを飲まれた( *`ω´)
tomodachi ni juice wo nomareta
My juice was drunk by my friend.

That’s too bad:(
Let’s hide juice somewhere!!xD

飲む 飲まれた
nomu ➡︎ nomareta

読む 読まれた
yomu ➡︎ yomareta

蚊に刺された( *`ω´) 
ka ni sasareta
I was bitten by mosquito.


刺す 刺された
sasu ➡︎ sasareta

殺す 殺された
korosu ➡︎ korosareta

他の人に先に買われた。( ´Д`)
hokano hito ni sakini karate
It was bought by someone else first.

買う 買われた
kau ➡︎ kawareta

this is kind of rare pattern so let’s remember 買う first! ( *`ω´)


This is the last lesson for passive form !!(*゚∀゚*)
You are already master of passive form now!!XD
Let’s use as much as you can and get used to use it!!^^

Now, it is quiz time( ´∀`)

Let’s GO!!o(`ω´ )o


Passive form quiz part4!!