【Grammar-vol.46】Passive form in Japanese Part2



今日は、Passive form Part2!

Passive form for “iru-verb” !x)

【Present form for iru-verb】

【Past form for iru-verb】

If you still have not checked Passive form Part1, let’s check it out first!!( *`ω´)

【Grammar-vol.45】Passive form Part1

Anyway, now let’s check how to make Passive form for iru-verb!!o(`ω´ )o

Today's Topic
Passive form for iru-verb

●Subject+に+Noun+を+Verb(passive form)
●iru➡︎irareru (present passive form)
●ita➡︎irareta (past passive form)

友達に携帯を見られた( *`ω´)
tomodachi ni keitai wo mirareta.
My mobile phone was seen by my friend.

That is not good~ ( ゚д゚)
Don’t do that please!! x3

mobile phone

見る(miru) is iru-verb so when you want to make it passive form, 
just make miru➡︎mirareta.

That’s it( ・∇・)

妹に私の服を着られたo(`ω´ )o
imouto ni watashino fuku wo kirareta.
My cloth was worn by my sister.

That sentence is little bit complicated cause using “に”, “の” and “を” 
but let’s focus on passive form part this time!

着る(kiru) means “wear” which is also “iru-verb”.

So let’s make it “kirareta” when you want to use it as passive form!( ・∇・)


Actually, there are not many type of passive form for iru-verb!( ・∇・)

So let’s remember all and get used to use it!( *`ω´)

Let’s GO quiz!!xD


Passive form for iru-verb( ・∇・)