【GOIKING-vol.2】Let’s Master Days/Weeks/Months/Year

ユーキです( ・∇・)

Today is vocabulary building day “GOIKING” XD
I think some people don’t know what does “GOIKING” mean so let me explain now~( ´∀`)

語彙(ごい) means vocabulary!! I think you have heard 単語(たんご) which means also vocabulary.
Let’s build up your GOI level and be KING of GOI! XD

That is GOIKING o(`ω´ )o cool right?LOL haha
Anyway, today is about Days/Weeks/Months/Years.
Let’s remember this perfectly and be close to GOIKING o(`ω´ )o

    1. 今日(きょう):today
    2. 明日(あした):tomorrow
    3. 明後日(あさって):the day after tomorrow
    4. 昨日(きのう):yesterday
    5. 一昨日(おととい):the day before yesterday
    6. 今週(こんしゅう):this week
    7. 来週(らいしゅう):next week
    8. 再来週(さらいしゅう):the week after
    9. 先週(せんしゅう):last week
    10. 先々週(せんせんしゅう):the week before
    11. 今月(こんげつ):this month
    12. 来月(らいげつ):next month
    13. 再来月(さらいげつ):the month after
    14. 先月(せんげつ):last month
    15. 先々月(せんせんげつ):the month before
    16. 今年(ことし):this year
    17. 来年(らいねん):next year
    18. 再来年(さらいねん):the year after
    19. 去年(きょねん):last year
    20. 2年前(にねんまえ):the year before/two years ago

There are a lot to learn!(*゚∀゚*)
Exciting(●´ω`●) haha
GOI is very important to learn new languages!!( *`ω´)
Let’s get used to use it by doing some quizzes!!
When you are ready, let’s try!

頑張って!!o(`ω´ )o