【Life-vol.1】A day of English teacher in Japan.

ユーキです( ・∇・)

Today is not Japanese lesson day.( ゚д゚)
I am going to write about a day of English teacher in Japan because some people asked me how is the life in Japan!( ´∀`)

I think many people are thinking to live in Japan doing English teacher.
Some people want the job because of that is what they want but some people will do until they find the other job which they actually want.
That means many people will through this in Japan.

So let’s have a check how is the life in Japan !!(*゚∀゚*)

●A Day of English Teacher
This is a typical English school schedule of a day.
This school is for kids!!( ・∇・)

時間 やる事
9時〜10時 通勤 東京は満員電車です。。。lol
10時〜12時 2歳〜5歳の子供たちに英語のレッスン♪
お昼休み( ・∇・) 長い。。。Lol
15時〜18時 小学生・中学生に英語のレッスン♪
18時〜19時 帰宅 お疲れ様( ´∀`)
19時〜 自由だー!!

*起床(きしょう):wake up
*通勤(つうきん):to go to work
*満員電車(まんいんでんしゃ):crowded train
*帰宅(きたく):go home

The starting time is same as most of the other job.
You cannot avoid taking crowded train in Tokyo, Osaka area Lol

1 lesson is around 30min to 1 hour in basic.
And you will have around 4-8 lessons a day!

It seems really depend on a day!
So sometime very easy but sometime so hard!( *`ω´)

Teaching adult is starting more late and finish more late as well.
Like start at 12pm and finish around 8pm.
It is really depend on school!

I think that is not busy as other company but if you don’t get used to teach English,
that might be tough!o(`ω´ )o

So let’s practice some using your friends haha xD

Night is up to you♪ haha
Some people go to Izakaya and enjoy drinking but some are going home and enjoy Japanese TV haha
Really up to you!XD

This is also depend on company but the average is around 240,000 yen per month.
However there is some tax!!
So your cash in hand is around 210,000 yen per month.
If you live alone and live quietly, you can save 50,000yen or more per month.( ´∀`)
But if you go to drink everyday and dance dance dance, you will lose all of your money straight away!XD
There are a lot of place to go in City area so be careful!!XD haha

Life in Japan is fun( ´∀`)
There are many places to go after work!!XD

People enjoy singing after work or on when they are off!
Karaoke is everywhere in Japan !!LOL seriously everywhere…XD
1 hour fee is around 100yen to 500yen.
Weekday is super cheap!XD
There are many English songs too so you can enjoy singing!

There are a lot of arcade center in city!
If you love game, you can go everyday!XD
There are regular customer in each arcade so you might be able to find your Japanese friend there!XD

Drinking place is also everywhere!!
You won’t be struggle with where to go to drink! haha
One beer is around 300~500yen in average !XD

4.Internet cafe
This is a place to read comic and use internet in private room.
You can drink soft drink and coffee as much as you want and that cost only around 300~500yen per 30min.
Recommend!XD haha

5.Convenience store
This is also everywhere and you can get almost anything you want!XD
And it opens 24 hours so you will be thankful for that!XD

There are more places to go in Japan!!
You will definitely find what you want!! xD

If you work as English Teacher and get that amount of salary, you can enjoy all of them often x)
But not too much!!( ゚д゚)

However some people are struggling living in Japan cause hard to find Japanese friends or busy working schedule.
I think making friends in different country without knowing that country’s language is hard everywhere, not only in Japan. 
Let’s be positive and active to make your favorite environment in Japan!!o(`ω´ )o
I recommend use online website or going to any lesson like dancing or tennis or whatever which have community to find Japanese friends!^^

●How to Enjoy Japan
These are the points of you should think before you come to Japan to enjoy as you expect!

1.Learn Japanese.
2.Talk to Japanese and use online community to make Japanese friends.
3.Be positive and Active to make your favorite environment in Japan.

Let’s keep studying and enjoy JAPAN!!o(`ω´ )o