【Grammar-vol.42】Hardest が・を・に・の TEST!!


いつも元気なユーキです!( ・∇・)

How was the crazy Kanji Test of the last time??XD

Could you get full mark score??B) 

I picked only some Kanji that is hard to read and write ( ´∀`) 
So if you could get all correct, you can believe yourself that you got good kanji skill!! B)

Today, I want to see how much you can use “が・を・に・の” correctly!! (*゚∀゚*)

This is hard even for N2~N1 holder I guess B)

But that doesn’t mean N5 holder or beginner cannot correct all:)

Some people are careless about this part and don’t look back because they can still have conversation somehow and Japanese friends don’t correct them.( ´∀`) 

I will write explain how to use them after, but not today(●´ω`●)

You can also check how to use them by doing a lot of quizzes too!!

Try to get full mark score!! XD

But even if you couldn’t get full mark, that is not problem at all^^

Because I made difficult one!!LOL hahahaha

Anyway, Let’s try !!( *`ω´)

がんばって!!o(`ω´ )o