ユーキです!o(`ω´ )o

(This time is grammar!)

Today’s Topic is complicated as usual~( ´∀`) haha

Joking Joking xD 

It is not that complicated ( ・∇・)

Let’s have a look!!( *`ω´)

Today's Topic
こっち:this side/here/this one
そっち:your side/your one
あっち:that side/that one
どっち:which side/which one

Yuki:ぼくのケータイどこ!?( *`ω´)
(Where is my mobile phone?)

You:こっちにあるよ〜( ´∀`)
(There is here.)

*ケータイ:mobile phone

Yuki:どっちの洋服がぼくに似合う?(holding two clothes with both hands.)
(Which cloth suit me?)

You:そっち〜(´ε` )(pointing at right one.)


If the cloth is also pretty close to your side, you can say, こっち too x))

Yuki :すみませ〜ん。ユーキアイランド行きたいんですけど。。。
(Excuse me. I want to go to “Yuki’s Island” though…)

(That side.)

Where is Yuki’s Island!?XD hahaha
I want to make it one day XD haha

I think you will be able to distinguish after you finish my quiz!!B)

Let’s do many quizzes and get used to use these words ( ´∀`)

Okay then, Let’s do quiz!!

GOOOO!!o(`ω´ )o

行ってらっしゃい(´ε` )

Japanese Ranking

こっち・あっち・そっち・どっち quiz!!