【GOIKING-vol.1】Weather vocabulary.



From this time, I will keep post about vocabulary!

 It is kind of basic of learning language but many people get struggle with grammar and focus on it so people don’t study so hard for vocabulary.

However it is pretty important!!XD

So let’s study vocabulary together o(≧▽≦)o 

Today I wanna introduce you some vocabularies about weather!

*関する(かんする):related to

Everyone talk about weather when they have nothing to talk about Lol

So that is pretty much useful vocabulary if you are thinking to live in Japan B) haha

Let’s build up your vocabulary o(`ω´ )o

  1. ⛅️天気(てんき) :weather 
  2. ☀️晴れ(はれ):sunny
  3. ☁️曇り(くもり):cloudy
  4. 🌂雨(あめ):rainy
  5. ☂️大雨(おおあめ):heavy rain
  6. ☔️豪雨(ごうう):really heavy rain
  7. ⚡️雷(かみなり):thunder
  8. ❄️雪(ゆき):snow, snowy
  9. 🌪台風(たいふう):typhoon
  10. 🌈虹(にじ):rainbow

I don’t say that you have to remember these Kanji but I really recommend you to remember the each vocabulary!( ・∇・)

You will hear these words very often on news and also daily conversation!!

Let’s remember weather vocabulary by doing some quizzes!!( ゚д゚)

Let’s GO!!!!XD

Enjoy!!・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

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