【Grammar-vol.39】What is the difference だけ & しか.



今日も間違いやすい、”だけ” と “しか ” の違いを勉強しましょう!( ´∀`)

Let’s study the difference between “だけ” & “しか” which is easy to get wrong^^;

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Today's Topic
The difference between だけ & しか.
Aだけ~Verb(negative or positive):This express is a little bit positive.
Aしか〜ない(always come with negative):This express is negative.


(a) is just explaining the as it is but (2) include the negative feeling.
Seems like I wanted to eat more but this lunch is only one Onigiri.


I studied Japanese only for 10 seconds yesterday.

(a) is still positive like I studied Japanese 10 seconds.
(b) is like I should have studied more but I only studied 10 seconds. 

Anyway…( *`ω´)
HEY!!XD Study harder!!XD 

(b)明日は、少ししか友達と遊びません。 ( ´△`)

I will hang out with my friends for a little bit tomorrow.

(a) is like I made time to hang out with my friend so I will hang out with them a little.
Positive isn’t it?
But (b) is like I want to hang out with my friend more but I can only hang out with them a little.


It rained a little this morning.

*今朝(けさ):this morning

(a) is like just explaining how much did it rain this morning.
(b) is like that I expected to be rainy more but it rained only a little.


Today is actually big volume ! XD

Let’s get this knowledge and use this Japanese to your friends!XD

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