【Kanji GYM-vol.10】海・池・湖・深・浅



今日は久しぶりのKanji GYMです!!( ・∇・)

Let’s build up Kanji muscle!!xD

Today’s Kanji have “さんずい”.


That means “water”.(*゚∀゚*)

So if you find Kanji that have “さんずい” in it, you can guess that the Kanji is related water basically!

That helps you to learn Kanji a lot♪^^

Let’s have a look at Today’s Kanji!!

Kanji GYM-vol.10
海(うみ) sea/ocean
海鮮(かいせん) seafood
海岸(かいがん) coast

1.海がキレイ( ´∀`)
The ocean is beautiful

Seafood rice bowl is delicious!

This coast is very famous.

池(いけ) pond
電池(でんち) battery

There is a pond in my house.

2.電池が足りない。。。( ;∀;)
It is luck of battery.

湖(みずうみ) late

1.山梨県には湖がたくさんあります( ´∀`)
(There are many lakes in Yamanashi.)

*山梨県(Yamanashi prefecture)

深い(ふかい) deep
深さ(ふかさ) depth
深海(しんかい) deep sea

1.このプールは子供にとってはとても深いです( ゚д゚)
This pool is very deep for kids.

The pool’s depth is 2.0m.
*Too deep Lol haha

浅い(あさい) shallow

1.その考え方はとても浅いですよ( ´∀`)
That is very shallow thinking. 
*ughh!! Annoying!! haha


You got a lot of Kanji muscle now! XD haha

Let’s try some quizzes and remember さんずい漢字 xD

GOOO!!( ゚д゚)

行ってらっしゃい!o(`ω´ )o

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