【Grammar-vol.38】What is the difference に & で.



I heard people get confused about the difference between に & で.

These are translated as “at/on/in” but there are some difference!

Let’s have a look at the difference!

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Today's Topic
The difference between に & で.
at/on/in + place + Verb (do something active) → で + 場所
at/on/in + a place + Verb (do something not active) → に + 場所

It might be still hard to see the difference so let’s have a look at some example sentences!(*゚∀゚*)

<<How to use に>>

(My grandmother is always at home.)

Staying is not that active so we use “に”.

カフェにいる(Staying at a cafe)、駅にいる(Staying at a station)、etc
That is not active so we use “に”♪(´ε` )

イス座って下さい( *`ω´)
(Please sit down on a chair)

*座る(すわる):sit down

Sitting down is also not active so we use “に”.

<<How to use で>>
お母さんとゲームをした!( *`ω´)
(I played a video game with my mum.)

And I won! XD haha
I used to play puzzle game with my mum when I was little and very excited!XD

Playing game is active verb so we use “で” in this case!

カフェコーヒーを飲んだ( ´∀`)
(I had a coffee at cafe.)

I love coffee♪
Drinking coffee is also kind of active thing so we use “で” .

(I bought a lot of souvenir in Japan.)

Buying souvenir is very active!XD
So we use “で”.

I wanna go to overseas and buy a lot!xD haha

Finish ~ B)

Let’s think what is active and what is not, and try my quizzes!!(*゚∀゚*)

There are some tricky quizzes too but all of them are very important so let’s remember which verb come with “に or で” !


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Let's distinguish "に" and "で" o(`ω´ )o