【Grammar-vol.37】Direction に & へ .



(It is so rainy today.)

I like the sound of rain ♪

It is relaxing♪( ´∀`)

今日は、How to use “に” & “へ” です!

Let’s have a look at Today’s Topic!o(`ω´ )o

Today's Topic
Direction に & へ.
to place → 場所 + に/へ

There is no big difference between に and へ so if you are struggling to understand the small difference, let’s forget about it for now~!

I think young people use “に” more than “へ” .
But really you can use whichever you want !! 

これから 友達と原宿へ行きます♪( ´∀`)

I am going to Harajuku with my friends from now.

*これから:from now
*原宿(はらじゅく):a place of Tokyo famous for fashionable stuff♪


友達を、自分の家に呼びました( ・∇・)
(I called my friends to my home.)


私の家に呼んだ(casual) is also ok♪

こっちに来て!o(`ω´ )o
(Come here.)

When you want some to come to you, you can say like that. 

You can also say like following ♪

As you can see, some of them doesn’t include neither “に” nor “へ”.
Native speaker often use that form ~ B)

 Whatever you like! LOL

Finish~♪ xD

Before you forget how to use it, let’s do quiz!!( *`ω´)


頑張ってo(`ω´ )o

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