【Grammar-vol.35】How to use で part2.




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Today's Topic
How to use で part2.
by/with + N → N で
This form is to explain the method.

Yuukiは自転車で仕事に行きます( ´∀`)
(Yuuki goes to work by bicycle.)


That is comfortable and relaxing ~ ♪
I don’t like taking crowded train ( ´Д`)y

私は、おはしで 食べることができます。 ( ̄∀ ̄)
(I can eat with chopsticks) 


I can eat anything with chopsticks( ´∀`)
(boast boast boast boast boast XD Don’t slap me pls lol)

But I sometime see that some foreigners use chopsticks too!
That is amazing!! xD

(I cut his clothes with scissors)


OMG lol
That is so scary…
Don’t do that ladies ( ;∀;) 
I’ve watched on TV that there are such people in this world…
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