【Grammar-vol.30】Do something while doing something.


Today’s lesson is for lazy person like me!( ´∀`) 

You do like to do something while doing something else right?XD

I love it haha

So today is how to say “doing something while doing something”.(*゚∀゚*)

Let’s have a look at today’s topic!

Today's Topic
How to say “do something while doing something “.
V1ing something while V2ing something →V1+しながら+V2.

おかしを食べながら日本語の勉強する。( ´∀`)

I study Japanese while eating snacks.

I love to study eating some snacks♪
Let’s enjoy studying!

Yuukiは歌いながら踊るのが得意です♪( *θ*)ノ

Yuuki is good at dancing while singing.

得意(とくい):good at

I made a big lie…sorry Lol
I am horrible at doing both of them xO


Don’t eat food while lying down!

寝る(ねる):sleep, lying down


Keep going!o(`ω´ )o

Next is how to change each verb form!!

English simple verb while Ving
drink 飲む(のむ) 飲みながら
speak 話す(はなす) 話しながら
write 書く(かく) 書きながら
make/cook 作る(つくる) 作りながら
hear 聞く(きく) 聞きながら

Of course there are some exceptional~♪( ´θ`)ノ

do する しながら
study 勉強する(べんきょうする) 勉強しながら
eat 食べる(たべる) 食べながら
see/look 見る(みる) 見ながら

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Let’s enjoy using your knowledge by doing some quizzes♪

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【Grammar-vol.30】Do something while doing something.