【Grammar-vol.29】Negative form of “want” in Japanese.


今日は、negative form of “want” の勉強をしましょう!


If you have not checked the past post of “want” form, let’s check them!!xD



Did you check both of them?B)

okay~ I trust you ! haha

Then Let’s check the rule of how to use negative form of “want” in Japanese!!


Okay !!

Now you got ready to be lazy xD 

You can say anything what you don’t want to do haha

But we don’t know how to change the form of each verb so
let’s check it that too!! Don’t be lazy for this xD

English Simple verb don’t want +verb
go きたくない
buy いたくない
walk きたくない
work 仕事する 仕事したくない
say いたくない
cook/make りたくない

The last part of vowel changes “u” to “I” + たくない

That rule can be used for 90% of “want to V” form in Japanese


There are some different pattern again ʅ( ゚д゚)ʃ
Ganbatte remember please XD

do する したくない
see 見る(みる) 見たくない
come 来る(くる) 来たくない(きたくない)
eat べる(たべる) べたくない

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Now you learnt all xD 

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Ok Let’s see how to use them more by doing quizzes!!

Let’s GO!!!!(*o*)/

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