【Grammar-vol.27】How to say “want + N” in Japanese?



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今日は、日本語の”want + N”の使い方を紹介します!
(Today, I will introduce how to say “want + N” in Japanese.)

使い方(つかいかた):the way to use/how to use

Let’s check it out!!(*o*)/

Today's Topic
How to say “want + N”.

want + N → Nが欲しい/N欲しい
*欲しい(ほしい) : want

son : ねー、ママー、アディダスの くつが欲しいよ〜 
(hey, mummy, I want Adidas shoes)

mum : うるさい! アディダスは高いからダメ!
(You are too noisy! Adidas is expensive so NO!)

Poor kid…Lol
But I have this experience when I was kid…xD

Let’s try begging to someone or telling to yourself like following ♪

車欲しいー  (I want a car.)
お金たくさん欲しいー  (I want a lot of money)
仕事欲しいー (I want a job)
彼氏/彼女欲しいー (I want bf/gf.)
コーヒー欲しいー (I want some coffee)
パソコン欲しいー (I want a laptop)
家欲しいー (I want a house)
子供欲しいー (I want a kid)
時間欲しいー (I want time)

*Please don’t say that to me (*゚∀゚*)

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Are you ready for begging to someone in Japanese?xD

Find a Japanese, grab the shirt, and say that!(*with your responsibility( ̄^ ̄)ゞ )

Anyway, Let’s try some quizzes before you do that xD


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Let's begging ♪