(Today is a little high level grammar.)

Please try to follow my speed B) Come on!! xD

This expression means There is “N” at/on/in “Place”.

(Shibuya ni tapioca drink no omise ga arimasu)

There is tapioca drink’s shop in Shibuya.

渋谷(しぶや):Shibuya(Part of Tokyo)

Tapioca is so popular in Tokyo!!*o*
People wait around a hour to get a tapioca drink…Lol
What’s happening….haha

家にマンガが100冊あります。o(`ω´ )o
(Ie ni manga ga hyakusatsu arimasu)

There are 100 manga in my home.

I used to have that much too xD
I love Dragon Ball, Naruto, ONE PIECE, Slum Dunk,HUNTER×HUNTER…
I cannot write all ! xD

(Yokohama niwa takusan hitoga imasu)

There are many people in Yokohama.

In case the “N” is animal or people, you should say “います”.

*When the “N” part doesn’t exist always, you can use “には” instead of “に”.
Example.1,2 case doesn’t happen always that is why we use “に”.
That is little complicated but let’s remember xD
(Tapioca shop has been in Shibuya for a while so you can also use “には”)

Okay~ B)

How was it ?( ・∇・)

I know it is long sentence and little complicated xP

Let’s use a lot and tidy up in your brain♪

Quiz Time~♪



Chose the right Japanese sentence from the below.