【Grammar-vol.19】What is “い形容詞” & “な形容詞” ?


Today’s topic is very very important part!( *`ω´)

Have you ever hard there are two type of adjective to Japanese?

For example, かわいい(cute) and きれい(beautiful) are different type of adjective to Japanese(゚∀゚)

Did you say “What!?!?” Lol

Calm down calm down B)

Let’s have a look what is difference between these two types!

by the way the title of 形容詞(けいようし) means “Adjective”.

<<い形容詞(“い” adjective>>
“い” adjective qualify nouns by not changing any part of the letter.

This is easy to see which is い形容詞 🙂

大き顔(おおきいかお) : big face
かっこい男性(かっこいいだんせい):cool men
カバン(たかいかばん):expensive bag

<<な形容詞(“な” adjective>>
“な” adjective qualify nouns by putting “な” at the end adjective.

This is kind of difficult to see which one is な形容詞>.<
You just need to know the meaning of the word and then see if that is adjective or not.

きれい花(きれいなはな):beautiful flower
安全場所(あんぜんなばしょ):safty place
ハンサム人(はんさむなひと):handsome man ( ̄ー ̄)
ブサイク犬(ぶさいくないぬ):ugly dog(・∀・)
きれい end with “い” but this is categorized as “な”形容詞 so be careful!!!*o*

These are some “な形容詞”.

Let’s check some important ”な形容詞” !!

English adj
beautiful きれいな
favorite 好きな(すきな)
hate 嫌いな(きらいな)
easy 簡単な(かんたんな)
energetic 元気な(げんきな)
convenient 便利な(べんりな)


Today is a lot of things to learn isn’t it? x)

You can find some words which you often use and try to remember them first x)

That would be better than remembering all of them from the beginning 🙂

Now, whenever you are ready, Let’s go for the test!!(*o*)/


Chose the right word for the each sentence.