#013 【Grammar】This is cheap and delicious!!


Today is hot again in Japan ι(´Д`υ)

But Let’s study!!!x))

By studying this grammar, when you wanna explain something with some adjectives, that will help you x)

Today’s top is this one!


ここのレストランは安くておいしいです!    *安い(やすい):cheap/reasonable price

This restaurant is reasonable price and also delicious!  


This banana is expensive and also bad taste!

この本は 漢字が 多くて むずかしいです。
*漢字(かんじ):かんじ  *本(ほん):book   *多い(おおい):many

This book has many Kanji and difficult to read.

In this sentence, many kanji is the cause that make the book hard to read.

Some more examples~♪
●今日は暑くて、たおれそうです。 *暑い(あつい):hot in weather   *たおれる:fall down
●アイスは甘くて、おいしいです!  *甘い(あまい):sweet  
●海は広くて、きれいです♪   *海(うみ):ocean    *広い(ひろい):ひろい   

Most of Japanese adjective end with “い” .
When you wanna use “くて” form, just change the last “い” into “くて” 🙂

Okay~ so let’s do many many quizzzz xD


#013 【Grammar】This is cheap and delicious!!