#012 【Grammar】The way of using “AがBです”.


Is everyone surviving…?

(kyo mo nihon wa totemo atsui desu)
Today is also very hot in Japan…

It’s almost 30 degrees!xO

I am melting little by little…xD

Anyway,Today’s Grammar is…..This one!!( ゚Д゚)

A is B.
This is like “AはBです。” form. (http://www.yuukisensei.com/2019/05/18/hello-world/)
But it is a little bit different.
In “AがBです” sentence, when A is one of the choices of B, you can use this grammar to exaggerate it.


You : どれがスカイツリー?あれ?(Which one is the Tokyo Sky Tree? That one?)
Yuuki:あれは ただの木ですよ~(That one is just a tree.)
You:じゃー、あれ? (So…That one?)
Yuuki:あれも ただの木です。。。(That one is also just another tree.)
You:じゃー、あれ??(So…That one?)
Yuuki:ちがう!あれが東京スカイツリーです!!(NO! That one is the Tokyo Sky Tree!(゚゚Д゚)ノ )

Aさん:どれが私のコップ? (Which one is my cup?)

Did you get it? x)

I guess this is kind of complicated grammar so let’s get use to it by using the grammar a lot! x))

I also made some quiz x)

Let’s have a try! 

#012 【Grammar】The way of using “AがBです”.