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I have been thinking about what is good for my first greeting xD haha

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Today Let’s study about Direction!! x))


right 右(みぎ) front 前(まえ)
left 左(ひだり) back 後ろ(うしろ)
above 上(うえ) inside 中(なか)
under 下(した) outside 外(そと)

They are the basic words for direction. 

Let’s have look how to use these words in sentences 😉

Here we go!!

<<Direction.1 “directionで” +Verb.>>

私は テーブルの上で おどりました。
(Watashi wa table no ue de odorimashita.)

I danced on the table.
((*All kids do when their parents are outside…))

ぼくの母は ひこうきの中で 寝ていました。
(Boku no haha wa hikouki no naka de neteimashita.)
寝る(ねる) :sleep 

My mother was sleeping in the plane.
*ぼくis the subject for man.
*わたし is the subject for woman and business man.

<<Direction.2 “directionに” + ある/いる>>

私の家の中には シャンデリアがあります♡( うそですw)
(Watashino ie no nakani wa shanderia ga arimasu.)

There is a chandelier in my house. 

東京タワーの中には いろいろなお店があります。
(Tokyo tower no naka niwa iroiro na omise ga arimasu.)

There are many kind of shops in the Tokyo tower.

many kind of : いろいろな

This time is a lot of things to remember xD

がんばって!!! x))

(You are tired right?)

Let’s do quiz to check today’s study!