#007【Kanji】Body Parts!

Hiiii~ x)

How are you doing today?:D

(I am …sleepy!)

(I slept at 3am in the late night yesterday.)

I watched Youtube too much yesterday…Lol 

Anyway,Today we will study about how to say each body parts in Japanese!

Let’s have a look at the nice body ! LOL


head 頭(あたま) face 顔(かお)
eye 目(め) nose 鼻(はな)
mouth 口(くち) ear 耳(みみ)
neck 首(くび) shoulder 肩(かた)
hand 手(て) leg 脚(あし)
foot 足(あし) body 体(からだ)

They are the some of the main body parts x)

You don’t need to be able to write everything from first:)

Just try to read and use them with some grammars you have learnt so far x)


(きょうは あたまが いたい)

My head is in pain today.

Yuukiの脚はとても長いです♪ B)
(Yuukiの あし は とても ながいです)

Yuuki’s legs are so long.

All right~♪

I made some quiz again so let’s try!!!! x))

#007【Kanji】Body Parts! How to read these body parts kanji ?