#006【Kanji】Let’s play words puzzle with Kanji!

Ohayooooo!! xD



(Kyou wa tango wo oboetai hito notameni ii aidea wo motte kimashita!)

Today,I brought a good idea for people who want to learn Vocabulary!

That is…..”Words puzzle game! ” xD


1.Write or Say a word in Japanese you know.

2.Next person have to write or say word which start reading a letter from the last word’s letter.

Yuki: 学校(がっこ: school )  “う” is the last letter of this word.
You : 牛(うし : cow/bull )  so you have to write a Kanji which start from “う” B)
Yuki : 小学生(ょうがくせ: elementary school student) 

3.If the word end with small letter like “しゃ” , “ちゅ” , next person can start from the last letter.

Yuki:小学生(しょうがくせい: elementary school student)
Yuki:休み(: day off, rest)

4.In case you couldn’t write or say any word within 15 seconds, you lose ~ B)

5. Also if you write or say a word which letter end by “ん”, you lose~ xO

Yuki:休み(: day off, rest)

Yuki WIN!!!! XD haha

I made Word Puzzle Game Quiz for you~ B)

It is actually pretty hard ! 



#006 Word Puzzle Game