N5 かんじクイズ #003

Hi!! x)

こんばんは!(Good evening)

みなさんが大好きな漢字の時間ですよー! XD
(It’s Kanji time that you love! XD)

By the way, do you know how many Kanji do you need to learn for JLPT N5?

It’s around 100!

That is not so much isn’t it?:3

And you don’t need to be able to write Kanji, just need to be able to read them!:)

Daijoooobu!! You can do it!! xD

Today, I would like to introduce you some verbs with Kanji! x)

There are around 20 verbs on N5 and I made some quiz from them x)


Goooooooooo!! xD

N5 かんじクイズ #003 Pick the right Kanji for ( ) parts !