#004【Grammar】Past Form


今日は 何を しましたか?(What did you do today?)

わたしは本を読みました!(I read a book.)

We talk using past form everyday.

What did you do today?
I ate ramen in this morning and I went to shopping and I went to play tennis after that and lalala~♪
We can’t live without using past form sentence! xD

So, let’s study past form this time !! (*o*)

<<Grammar point>>
(A wa B shimashita)

A did B.

(Watashi wa asagohan wo tabemashita.) *食べる(たべる):eat

I had a breakfast.

(Watashi wa gakkou ni ikimashita)

I went to the school.

(Watashi wa kohi wo nomimashita.)  *飲む(のむ) : drink

I had some coffee.

This is actually polite Japanese form.

You can have look at the following sheet to see how to change the form from current form to past form.

English current form past form polite past form 
eat 食べる(たべる) 食べた(たべた) 食べました(たべました)
drink 飲む(のむ) 飲んだ(のんだ) 飲みました(のみました)
write 書く(かく) 書いた(かいた) 書きました(かきました)
walk 歩く(あるく) 歩いた(あるいた) 歩きました(あるきました)
speak 話す(はなす) 話した(はなした) 話しました(はなしました)
look,see 見る(みる) 見た(みた) 見ました(みました)
rest, take time off 休む(やすむ) 休んだ(やすんだ) 休みました(やすみました)

To get used to use Japanese, I recommend you to do “output” a lot of times by talking to people in Japanese or talking to yourself ! x))

I think that studying at a desk for hours doesn’t make you be able to speak Japanese.>.<

Let’s stand up and talk to yourself in Japanese!!xD

Oh! Before then,you can try the check test!B)


AはBしました/したクイズ! Change the form from "Current form" to "Past form" .