【Grammar-vol.2】Present Negative Form

げんきですか?(How are you?)^^

ぼくは いつも 元気です!!(I am always genki! xD )

In this time, we are studying about how to say “A is not B.” in Japanese!

AはBではありません。(A wa B dewa arimasen)
AはBじゃないです。(A wa B janai desu)
*Same meaning.

A is not B.
This case, A is a noun and B is also noun.

(Watashi wa amerikajin dewa arimasen)

I am not American.

(Kore wa tabemono dewa arimasen)

This is not food.

So far so good? x)
But next one is a bit tricky~!

In case A is noun and B is adjective, it is different!!!!!!! xO

Adjective “B” change different form like following sheet.

English Positive adjective Negative adjective
cute かわい かわいくない
fast はや はやくない
slow おそ おそくない
expensive たか たかくない
cheap やす やすくない
big おおき おおきくない
small ちいさ ちいさくない

Japanese adjective basically end with “い” and when it changes to negative form, “い” becomes “くない”.

It is pretty hard to get it until you get use to it so let’s use a lot to all Japanese people near you! xD

Check the test!